Childhood Dreams

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Bloganuary daily prompt #21 : What was your dream job as a child? From the time I can remember I have always loved animals. Rescuing a stray cat from the county garbage dump was the beginning of my wanting to help animals. I watched animals enjoy their beauty and how they behaved. My passion is…… Continue reading Childhood Dreams

What If….

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Today’s daily prompt for Bloganuary 2023, Day 13 was “If you had a billion US dollars, how would you spend it? There are a few things I would do with a billion dollars. Even if my bank account had a vast amount of money – I would still be a sheep farmer. I love being…… Continue reading What If….

Winds of Change

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Changes occur in our lives almost everyday. This November, my husband, who is the main source of income for our family, lost his job. Since that date, we have both been looking for work. While the sheep provide some income, my flock is not large enough to fully support us. In order to grow my…… Continue reading Winds of Change

All is Calm

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Today is Christmas Eve, or almost Christmas Day. The ewes are good, their babies warm. Those who are still expecting have waited until after the hard cold. No lambs were born in the cold stiff winds, or snow flurries, or below freezing temperatures. The days will begin to be warmer, the sun shining as we…… Continue reading All is Calm

Thank You

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I want to THANK each of those who read and those who follow my blog for taking the time to read. THANK YOU for your comments and likes. I am still learning about blogging, and learning from you the reader. I started this blog and website in August 2021. When I started writing blogs I…… Continue reading Thank You