All is Calm

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Today is Christmas Eve, or almost Christmas Day. The ewes are good, their babies warm. Those who are still expecting have waited until after the hard cold. No lambs were born in the cold stiff winds, or snow flurries, or below freezing temperatures. The days will begin to be warmer, the sun shining as we approach the New Year.

I have the Christmas dinner ready to be cooked. The gifts are wrapped and ready to be opened. Although this year, Christmas is just my husband and I. We will travel a later date to my daughter’s family and open gifts. Currently her family is sick so Christmas plans were changed.

On Christmas Day, it will be the same as most of days. Feed and care for the sheep and other animals. Eat and stay warm.

Next year will bring some big changes. My husband is looking for work. Depending on where he is hired, we will be moving. We will sell our place, purchase another. Then begin the process of moving sheep and equipment to a different location.

But for now, I am going to enjoy the calm and celebration of Christmas. Next year will be here soon enough.

May you have a Merry Christmas, enjoy the time of celebration with family and friends.



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