Spring Beckoning

The wind was chilly cold as I went to get ready to leave for work. Frost covered the windshield. I am glad I had started my truck before doing the morning feeding chores. When I was ready to leave, the windows were clear. As I drove to work, I came upon a flock of birds, but not just any bird, the American Red Breasted Robin, the signal of spring.

Each season has a purpose and is part of larger cycle. My favorite season is Spring. The grass turning green, flowers starting to bloom and the warmer temperatures. The frigid cold of winter and I do not get along very well.

The cold makes my joints stiff and ache. Sixty years of living an active life has left the signs of injuries gathered along the way. Winter and its’ companion the cold make it hard for me to do the daily tasks. Along with the mud and freezing rain that are symbols of winter season in my area. My stiff joints do not allow for easy transport in the mud and rain. Each task seems to take longer.

But with the sign of the Red Breasted Robin, I am given hope. Winter and its’ cold companion will soon be a memory as I start with the gardens and feeding the sheep on new grass.

Each season brings a host of blessings and trials, but we must go through each season to appreciate our favorite seasons. Life has seasons as well. I am no longer the young person of Spring, or traveling life through Summer, I am in Fall with most of my life behind me. I am not ready for winter, as the fall daylight provides plenty of time to continue doing what I love. I will not travel out of my Fall season without a fight. But I do know that eventually Winter will arrive, and I can bask in the fact that I did live and what a life as each past injury reminds me of my past.

Live your season, enjoy your life.



  1. If the robins signal spring what do the crows signal? Last weekend a whole swarm flew into my backyard and my neighbors’, they stayed a few seconds then they flew away 😊.


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