Spot is Growing

A few weeks back, I purchased a bottle baby goat, Spot. Spot has stayed in the house in a dog crate at night and during cold weather. I had built a pen from sheep panels for him to play outside provided he would not get too cold. I do not like going out at night, in the cold to bottle feed a baby goat or lamb. A bottle baby has to be fed in order to stay warm and grow.

Grow Spot has. He has outgrown the large dog crate. He is big enough and strong enough to go outside in the barn. Spot is protected from the rain and wind. He has a heat lamp in the event it gets too cold. I now have to walk outside to the barn to feed Spot at night. The feedings are spaced out more since he is growing, so there is only one night time feeding, at midnight. Spot is also starting to eat hay.

Spot in the house

Even though Spot is sleeping in the barn, he still comes into the house from time to time. He is also let out of the barn to romp and play around when I am outside working. Spot loves to be with the person who feeds him several times a day.



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