Kids Grow Up To Be Goats

On November 26, 2022 I went to the sheep auction. There I purchased a baby goat a few days old. I do not know why the baby goat was there, perhaps his mother died or would not accept him or his mother had triplets. People do not like to feed bottle baby goats or sheep in the winter. Going out in the cold is not what most people want to do including me. So we kept the baby goat in the house, made him a bed in a dog crate. I named him Spot.

Spot would go outside with me when I did chores. Plus we made him a safe play yard to stay outside when the weather was nice. I trained Spot to a leash, I put a dog harness on him with a leash and taught him to lead. I even took him back to the sheep auction two weeks later as “my new dog Spot”. Spot learned to jump onto our laps, and other things. We did not teach him to jump on our laps. Goats like to be above things, jumping comes natural.

Kids grow up, Spot was soon too big for the dog crate and was moved to the barn after four weeks of living in the house. We made a bed for him in the barn, put a heat lamp in his area to keep him warm at night. We also provided hay and some grain as it was time for him to start transitioning to solid food and not just a bottle. Baby goats and lambs start eating solid food beside their mothers at age two weeks. I continued to let him out to follow me around doing chores, and he would even come into the house at times for a visit. Spot learned what “No” means, as he would taste my houseplants and I would tap him and say “No” and move him away from the plants. Soon saying “No”, meant move away from what he was getting into.

One day I brought him into the house, to prepare his bottle, and he jumped onto a dinning chair and up onto the dinning table. Perhaps the time had arrived for Spot not to be in the house for visits. Goats love to climb. Since Spot was growing bigger, and still jumping on our laps, it was time to teach him not to jump on us as well. As he grew, and became larger, it would be dangerous for him to jump onto our laps or anyone else’s lap when they sat down.

Spot is smart, he learns quickly. A few times of “No” and pushing him off, and no more jumping on us. He still climbs the steps or anything with a little bit of height and jumps off showing his acrobatic abilities.

Last week I weaned lambs that were old enough to wean, and I weaned Spot from a bottle. Spot was not happy about not receiving a bottle several times a day. He is eating hay and grain, even pushing some sheep out of the way to eat. But he still wanted his bottle. Kids and lambs have to grow up. The first week he cried every time he saw me or my husband, wanting his bottle. Now like the lambs, he does not cry for milk, but to be fed the grain and hay.

Spot still gets out of the weaning pen to follow me around to do chores or just hang out. I still have to tell him “No” sometimes and he listens. Spot will make a nice pet goat for my grandchildren to play with. Eventually I will use Spot to help load market lambs in the trailer to take someplace to sell. Spot is growing into a nice young goat and one day I will introduce him to the two nannies I have and hopefully we will have baby goats. For now he will stay with the weaned lambs, learning to how to interact with sheep and to continue to grow.


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