Sheep Learning Resources

You have decided to raise sheep. Regardless if you choose to have three or four sheep or a thousand sheep, where do you learn about the care of sheep, in particular their illness. There were two books that helped me when I started raising sheep. The first book, “Raising Sheep the Modern Way” by Raula…… Continue reading Sheep Learning Resources

First Time Sheep Farmer

Sheep grazing on my pasture There are many questions for those who want to raise sheep. The main question is “What do you want from your sheep?”. There are thousands of different breeds. And if you talk to a breeder, they will tell you all about their breed. In order to determine the breed of…… Continue reading First Time Sheep Farmer

Continued Education

There is a group on facebook that post pictures and have discussion through the comments on conformation of the sheep posted. The purpose of the group is not to sell Dorper sheep, but to learn and teach others what the breed standards are and how to evaluate your sheep and breeding program. Recently, a person…… Continue reading Continued Education

Healthy Sheep is a Happy Sheep

Sheep who are healthy are happy sheep. There is a balancing of nutrition, care and expenses. Once a sheep is healthy, the work is maintaining the health. Sheep that are not fed well, underweight or not receiving the nutrients needed, will get sick more often. In my own experience, sheep that were a little underweight…… Continue reading Healthy Sheep is a Happy Sheep