If I Could Restart

The beginning of a New Year. I was looking over my blog and seeing which blogs were read by the most number of people. One blog post has been dominate the past three months, an older blog, “Can You Truly Make Money with Sheep”. Along with the blog being popular, people at retail stores standing in line around me to pay for their purchase ask me “Do you really make money with sheep?” when they learn I raise sheep. The answer is “Yes, absolutely, I make money raising sheep”.

I took a long road to get where I make a good profit on each lamb I raise. First, I started with the lowest quality ewes purchased from a sheep auction. If I could restart my business, I would do it differently.

First, I would do research on sheep breeds. My initial research would start with identifying with the help of people attending the sale, what breeds of sheep are in my area. I would continue with research on those breeds using the internet. I would not stop with the internet. Breed registries have a directory of sheep farmers their websites. I would look for breeders in my area, and visit not one sheep breeder, but at least three to five.

I wished I knew about Dorper sheep before I started. I did not research breeds of sheep before just buying any sheep. I did a lot of just buying any ewe that looked lively, and in my price range. I learned about Dorper and White Dorper sheep at a special sale and seminar for the breed being held at the sheep auction I regularly attend. I was able to see good quality ewes and rams, talk to the breeders who raised them and start learning about the breed. The breeders were helpful in answering my questions. And as a Dorper breeder now, I will do my best to answer other’s questions or find someone who can.

Next, I would have a set amount I could invest in a sheep farm. Every business requires an initial investment. With a set amount of money for buying sheep, my priority would be to get a excellent quality ram. If I would have saved the extra money, and purchased a ram at the Dorper sale/seminar my breeding program would be so much farther ahead, and I would have made more profit per lamb from the beginning instead of the last two years. After purchasing a ram, I would purchase three to five good ewes, not necessarily registered ewes. Good ewes with an excellent ram will create a more profitable lamb.

My number of lambs would be smaller, but the profit would be larger due to the quality of the lamb. When I started with an average ram and some low quality ewes, my lambs sold on the low end of the price range. Since I have built my flock up in quality, my lambs sell for above the high market price range. Because my lambs bring more at market than majority of lambs selling, I have people wanting to purchase breeding stock from me.

In short I would have arrived where I am now, in less number of years.

Regardless of how you start and the quality of the sheep you begin with, there is always improving the flock you have.

Create a plan, enjoy the sheep, and watch your lambs grow.


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  1. That older blog “Can You Truly Make Money with Sheep”, I’ll bet that it was a search engine, google perhaps, that found your post when people were googling that. That’s something I think a lot of people would google. I had a blog post on “Coyotes Dogs and Leonbergers” go viral with thousands of visitors long after friends, followers and other bloggers had stopped visiting. It was search engines.

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