Be Brave, Shepherd

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Bloganaury prompt for day #2 – How are you brave?

Brave, being firm or courageous. Being a sheep farmer is not for the faint of heart. Sheep farmers are brave in several way. This sometimes means braving the heat, rain, sleet, snow, cold, strong winds or blizzard to make sure their sheep have food, water and shelter. The commitment to care for the sheep daily, with no days off shows bravery. The bravery required for the daily care of the sheep is nothing in comparison to the bravery required during lambing time.

Regardless how long you have been a sheep farmer, there will come the day the ewe needs your help. During lambing times, there are ewes who would perish and lambs be born dead if it were not for the bravery of sheep farmer pulling a lamb or lambs. The first time I had to pull a lamb, I was scared I was going to do something wrong. But if I did nothing I would for sure lose both the ewe and lamb or lambs. I was shaking when I put my fingers in trying to feel for some feet, hoping and praying they were the front feet. All you have to guide you is the feel through your fingers and hand, not seeing and not knowing how things were positioned inside. When I located one foot and not the other, I was grabbed with fear but had to go on. Finding the second foot, gently working the second leg into position took patience and inward strength. My mind raced on where is the nose? Finding and positioning all the key elements into place, then came to time to pull the lamb out, my thoughts raced on how much to pull and was I going to hurt the ewe. I would pull steady when the ewe would push, each of us straining. When the lamb hit the dirt, and shook its head, jubilation filled my entire being- I had pulled my first lamb.

Lambing is the time a sheep farmer is truly brave. I had read books, watched videos. I had even pulled a couple of foals before I had to pull my first lamb. Yet, when that time arrived, I was scared, unsure and lacked all confidence. I questioned if being a sheep farmer was the right thing to do, and why was I a sheep farmer. Being a sheep farmer, there will from time to time be a ewe who needs you to be brave and help her with her lamb or lambs. Not every time is there jubilation, sometimes there is disappointment for you and the ewe. But I still want be a sheep farmer.



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