One Achievement

Last year, the one thing I wanted to absolutely get done with my sheep farm was to own two high quality fullblood Dorper rams. I achieved that goal. When making goals for the sheep farm, I have a huge list of things I want to reach. But time, money and life hinders reaching most of them.

For example: I was six weeks with my daughter and her husband and daughter while she was in the hospital waiting to deliver triplets. Those six weeks away from the farm, interfered with the breeding/lambing cycle of my sheep. I knew when we had the announcement in March, that 2022 was not going to be a normal year. I knew and gladly wanted to help my daughter and her family as we prepared and welcomed the arrival of the triplets.

For 2023 is to get the breeding/lambing cycle back on track.

In order to accomplish this one goal, I am going to need to build some more pens, some small shelters and other tasks to reach this goal. But by reaching this achievement, the other things I want to accomplish for my sheep farm will fall into place. Well, at least in theory.

What is one achievement with your sheep you want to accomplish beyond all else? Give this question some thought.


Once more I am participating in Bloganuary. A challenge on wordpress for posting a blog related to a daily prompt each day in the month of January. I am going to work hard to relate the prompts to sheep and sheep farming.

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