January 2023 Challenges

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The last day of January is cold, cloudy, icy with more freezing ice to come. January has brought more challenges than just cold weather. I started working away from the sheep farm this month. I have not worked away from the farm for fourteen years. The process of finding employment has evolved in the last…… Continue reading January 2023 Challenges

Freezing Rain and Cold Temperatures

The fourteen years I have lived in Texas on our place I have tracked or recorded the weather. Weather revolves cycles, and knowing the approximate time the temperatures will be the coldest, or hottest helps the sheep farmer prepare for the well being of their sheep and livestock. The well being of the sheep is…… Continue reading Freezing Rain and Cold Temperatures

Throwback Thursday

Photo by Mark von Arb on Pexels.com

Today I was thinking of the first sheep I was ever around. My oldest daughter decided she wanted to do market lambs as a 4-H project. I wanted my children to explore different projects, we could learn together. We did not have a lot of money. I could not go to a person raising market…… Continue reading Throwback Thursday