Sheep Farmer Success

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For Bloganuary Day #11 the prompt is “How do you define success.” Success is defined by the person. Each individual has their own definition for success. Some want a large amount of money at their disposal to purchase and life the way they desire. Others want recognition or fame. When I made the decision to…… Continue reading Sheep Farmer Success

Before a New Year

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The year 2022 is coming to a close, in four days we will begin the year 2023. As a sheep farmer, I am starting to think on the financial and quality of my sheep business. I am a sheep farmer, my sheep farm is a business. It is time to start creating the 2023 Business…… Continue reading Before a New Year

The Beginning of the Sheep Journey

Today, I went through my flock to take an inventory, assessing their body condition, timing of lambing and how the lambs were growing. Today, all my sheep look like and most are registered Dorper sheep. That is not how this journey of raising sheep started. There have only been a twice I have owned sheep.…… Continue reading The Beginning of the Sheep Journey

An “Old Friend” Came to Visit

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This chilling morning I observed the arrival of an “Old Friend” whom I have named “The Flicker”. When I first moved to this place, Texas birds were unknown. I mistakenly identified this bird as a Northern Flicker, its true identity is a Yellow Bellied Sappsucker. “The Flicker” shows up every fall for a few weeks,…… Continue reading An “Old Friend” Came to Visit