The Joy of Sheep

I have been asked and I am sure others have been asked the same question: “Why do you raise sheep?” I have worked many different types of jobs, some I enjoyed going to work, others it was a job. I raise sheep because I get joy from sheep.

When I was going through the process of becoming a certified horse trainer, one instructor said to find a career that brings you joy and happiness and you will always enjoy going to work. I do not remember the person’s name, or I would definitely give them credit. The phrase has always stayed with me. I truly enjoyed training and working with horses when I was younger. Now, my body does not agree with my mind on how long I want/can sit in a saddle.

I have another passion or career of being a sheep farmer. I truly enjoy the sheep. They make me laugh. I talk to them, scratch on them, and watch them during the day. Regardless of the task I should be working on, you will see me watching the sheep.

Do I like going out in the cold rain at night? No. I do not like being cold. But I will do what it takes to care for my sheep, for what brings me joy.


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