Moving Ahead

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There have been several changes this month. In November my husband was dismissed from work. Instead of just my husband searching for employment, I searched also. Filling out application, creating a resume for myself was a bit of a challenge since I have not been employed by a company for thirteen years. I was self-employed, as a sheep farmer the past six years.

My husband had several interviews before Christmas. A week ago, I had an interview and was able to obtain employment at the small grocery store in the town near our home. It takes me ten minutes to get to work. I have wanted to work in this grocery store. I am enjoying the work, and I am learning new things. I have been placed in the meat department. Learning where each cut of meat comes from is a learning process.

Last week, my husband went for an interview and obtained employment. The really good thing about his job is the location, in the area where my daughter lives. This is so awesome as we desire to move that direction. We had a two year plan on moving there, now that plan has been moved up by two years.

The sheep farm brings in income to pay for the sheep and some income to pay me. Our current home is not large enough for us to have the number of sheep we need to provide an income to support us. In short, we need more land to pasture the sheep.

After my husband received his letter of employment, we began the process to sell our home. I will continue to work at the place I am employed and take care of the sheep. I had to make some adjustments to my time management to fit in the hours at a job and care of the sheep.

Our plan is to divide our place, and sell one portion in order to have money for a down payment on a place near my daughter. If we need to build shelters and pens, we will be able to do so before we move the sheep to the new location.

There are busy months ahead. Lots time looking at potential new home for us and the sheep.


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