Sheep Farmer Success

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For Bloganuary Day #11 the prompt is “How do you define success.

Success is defined by the person. Each individual has their own definition for success. Some want a large amount of money at their disposal to purchase and life the way they desire. Others want recognition or fame.

When I made the decision to raise registered Fullblood Dorper sheep I defined being a success simply as raising sheep to the breed standard. The quality of sheep necessary to be excellent breeding stock. I would have an income from selling breeding stock, and market lambs. That would be success.

This spring, the quality of my lambs, I had succeed in producing excellent breeding stock from my sheep. I have succeed in reading my goal I started with six years ago. This is a major success.

I have experienced small successes along the way. I feel successful when I treat a sick or injured sheep and the sheep heals and is well. I feel success when I have every ewe produce a lamb. Everytime I sell some lambs or sheep and I have an income, I have succeed as a sheep farmer.

Success for me is reaching a goal, regardless if it is a short time goal or a long range goal.


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