Have You Seen My Brain?

My husband often hears this question as I am walking from room to room searching. His response is “between your ears” and laughs. To me it is not very funny as my “brain” is very important. What I am searching for is my calendar planner. Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com This calendar planner is…… Continue reading Have You Seen My Brain?

Walking With a Business Plan

The main reason I raise sheep is to have an income or make money. Raising sheep is a business. Every business needs a business plan. A business plan can be complex with numbers and projected figures or simple plan to follow when making decisions. Businesses write out a business plan each year. I complete my…… Continue reading Walking With a Business Plan

Plan, Growth, Expansion

When I began as a sheep farmer, I checked with the area officials on how many animals my property would support. Answer is 25 ewes. I made plans on where to put the shelters, size of pens and where I wanted the alleys to go. Eight years later, I have learned and implemented rotational grazing…… Continue reading Plan, Growth, Expansion

Do Not Be Afraid of the Curve

Photo by Erkan Gu00fcneu015f on Pexels.com Whenever we take on a new job or new business or new hobby, there is a learning curve in learning. When we first start, there are things that are new or done differently than we performed before. Do not be afraid of this learning curve, it is natural and…… Continue reading Do Not Be Afraid of the Curve