Walking the Line

Photo by Blue Bird on Pexels.com

Today was a warm, sunny day. A perfect day to walk the line, fence line that is. When the weather is a warm as today, but not overly warm, I check the fence line.

I bring some wire, wire pliers and the dog, Hank along with me as I check the boundary fence. I walk along looking at the post, testing the tension in the wires to make sure it will keep my sheep where they need to be this spring.

I usually have to reattach the wire to the posts during these walks. We live in an area that has wildlife, deer and wild hogs. Hogs just go through a fence and pull the wire with them, sometimes breaking the wire, always pulling it loose from the posts.

The weather is humid and moist in north central Texas, sometimes the wire holding the fencing to the post disappears into a shadow of rust.

Fencing keeps my sheep on my place and keeps them from wandering off into the under brush and trees on the neighbors. Hogs, coyotes and dogs hide in the underbrush and trees. A dangerous place for the sheep. My neighbors do appreciate me keeping my sheep out of their yards.

Good fences makes good neighbors


When the weather is right and you are in a lull between lambing, it is time to walk the line.

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