Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Photo by Pixabay on Yesterday, Today and all the yesterdays of the past seven years have started the same way….get dressed, drink a cup of coffee, go tend the sheep. A person thinking about raising sheep or any agriculture adventure should consider what a day being a sheep farmer or other agriculture owner/operator is…… Continue reading Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

EBV – Estimated Breeding Values

Estimated Breeding Values in sheep are nothing new as sheep farmers around the world have been using them for years. The United States is behind in the use of estimated breeding values for the selection of rams and ewes for sheep reproduction. Estimated Breeding Values data is collected on traits such as birth weight, growth…… Continue reading EBV – Estimated Breeding Values

Can You Truly Make Money with Sheep

Sheep grazing in my pasture. I can only speak from my experience and others I know, we make money raising sheep. Is it easy to make money raising sheep? Every business requires planning and work to succeed. Making money with sheep is no different from any other type of business. A business plan is needed…… Continue reading Can You Truly Make Money with Sheep

Prepping for Lambing

I have been busy the past week getting ready for lambing. The time of lambing is exciting for me as I get to see the results of breeding the rams to ewes. Being honest, I love watching new life come into the world and watching lambs play. Lambing is also important as how well I…… Continue reading Prepping for Lambing

Ways to Purchase Sheep

Where does a beginning sheep farmer go to purchase sheep? There are many places to purchase sheep auctions, sheep brokers, breed shows and from other sheep farmers. A concern for the sheep farmer and especially for a beginning sheep farmer is not to pay too much for a sheep or to purchase an old or…… Continue reading Ways to Purchase Sheep

Beginning Sheep Farmer’s Guide for Selecting a Ram

The selection of the ram or rams for any sheep farmer is a major decision. The ram is a major genetic influence in the lamb crop. For illustration, a ram breeds 25 ewes, each ewe produces twins for a total of 50 lambs. Each individual ewe has genetically influence two lambs. The ram has genetically…… Continue reading Beginning Sheep Farmer’s Guide for Selecting a Ram

A Guide on Selecting Sheep to Purchase for Beginning Sheep Farmers

The first step in being a sheep farmer is to determine what breed of sheep you want to own. The second step as a beginning sheep farmer is have what the sheep needs before you purchase the sheep. The sheep breed is selected, the location, shelter, food and water are available for the sheep when…… Continue reading A Guide on Selecting Sheep to Purchase for Beginning Sheep Farmers

What Sheep Need for Beginning Farmers

Every sheep farmer regardless of how long they have been a sheep farmer, was at one time a beginning sheep farmer. Learning to be a sheep farmer is a journey, you do not become an expert in a day. During my journey there have been ups and downs, joys and sorrows, mistakes and miscalculations. As…… Continue reading What Sheep Need for Beginning Farmers