Do Not Be Afraid of the Curve

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Whenever we take on a new job or new business or new hobby, there is a learning curve in learning. When we first start, there are things that are new or done differently than we performed before.

Do not be afraid of this learning curve, it is natural and always there. You are going to make mistakes, learn from the mistake and move forward towards your goal.

When I first started raising sheep, I my first learning curve lesson is the one I have named “Tails up, Tails Down”. I was at the sale barn wanting to purchase sheep, but did not really know about hair sheep. One day a cattle buyer asked me what I was there to buy. My reply was sheep. He giggled and told me of a conversation of when he asked a sheep buyer how do you tell the difference between the sheep and the goats? The sheep buyer had responded, goat tails go up, sheep tails go down. The cattle buyer was trying to give me information on what I was buying. There was a learning curve, I am thankful for this cattle buyer telling me a tidbit of information.

When I started recording the birth and weaning weight of the lambs I had to come up with two systems. One system was how am I going to catch the lambs and what am I going to use to get the weights. The second system is how am I going to record the weights. I had to decide if I was going to use a software designed for sheep records, old fashion pencil and paper or perhaps Excel on my computer. I went with Excel due to costs, and figured out I needed to put ear tags in the lambs when I got the birth weights. The first laming I recorded birth and weaning weight data, I felt very clumsy and it took a long time. After my third laming of recording birth weights, I have much more confidence in what I am doing, and I am much faster. I am over the learning curve and moving to real productivity in the recording of data on my lambs and sheep.

Realize there is going to be a learning curve until you have figured out and become comfortable with the procedure or system. Do not be afraid of your mistakes, but accept that there are going to be mistakes when you are learning and because you are not perfect.

Most important have fun raising your sheep.


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