Why a Sheep Farmer?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Being a sheep farmer is not an easy, feed the sheep and they will make you money type of income. Sheep require work, making sure they are well. Shearing once a year if you have wool sheep. There is feet trimming and care along with other health maintenance. A person can not leave for a vacation unless arrangements have been made for the care of the sheep. Lambing arrives with trips to the barn to check on ewes in case they need assistance in bring the new little life into the world.

Why be a sheep farmer or shepherd? For the love of sheep. In order to perform and do well at any career choice, the person must love the work they are doing, or at least be happy with what they are doing. I love animals, even from a very yearly age of two years old, I possessed a love for animals, more pacific mammals.

The first day I was brought to my new home, at a little over a year of age, my adopted dad put me on a horse. I would see the family home movie of my dad putting me on the white horse and leading me around. He often told me from the first day I loved animals.

A fond story of my dad’s was the time he took me to the landfill with him. I was almost four years old. I saw this kitty cat, a grey tabby, moving through the trash. I told him I wanted the kitty, asked if we could take it home. His response, “If you can catch that kitty, you can bring it home.” My dad started unloading the trash, I followed the kitty until I made friends with it. When he was done with unloading the trash, I was walking back to the truck holding my new kitty cat. Dad had to pick me up and put me in the truck, the cat growling with displeasure. I quietly talked to the cat all the way home, saying it was going to be ok, nothing would hurt it. At home, I named my new friend, Friskie, after the cat used in the commercial for Friskies Cat Food.

My passion is horses. I have always been a horse crazy girl, and will always will be. When I purchased my first sheep it was a favor to my husband’s son. Soon, I was falling in love with sheep. They have their own personalities. At times they are silly and sometimes dumb. It is not uncommon for sheep to hurt themselves when they become frightened. I have had sheep run into a solid fence and break their necks trying to escape in order to reach other sheep. They do not show they are sick until they are about to die. Sheep can be a challenge.

I love my sheep. I enjoy being around them, watching them and learning about them as an individual.

I enjoy being a sheep farmer, because I love the sheep.


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