Waiting the Last Month

Lambing time is nearing again. Sheep do not have a long getations time, approximately five months. I look forward to lambing although it is the busiest time during the year. The last month seems to last sooo long.

I have an idea of when the lambs will start arriving as I have dates the rams were put with the ewes and removed, providing a window of dates for lambs. The last month, when ewes are appearing to get ready to finally lamb, this is the hardest time for me to be patient.

Once the lambs start arriving, time moves quickly as there is always new lambs to care for and older lambs to keep an eye on until weaning time. The lambs grow quickly and time seems to fly. Then there is a small lull before I start the breeding time once more.

Lambs are what provide my income from the sheep. It is not just the income I have an interest in. I enjoy lambs.

I love to watch them get up the first time, and even more fun is watching them lay down the first time. Not the times they get bumped and fall down, but try to fold their legs and lay down with a purpose.

The joyful bouncing just because they feel springs in their legs. The lamb races back and forth, each trying to outdo the other with jumps and sideways springs. Hoping on the ewes backs and jumping off a rock. I love to watch the lambs.

Perhaps the joy of watching the lambs is what makes the last month go by sooo very slow before they start to arrive.


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