My “Happy Spot”

I think about sheep and the business of raising sheep almost constantly, other than when I am sleeping and sometimes even then. Sometimes a person needs a break from sheep. I take a break every morning with my first cup of coffee. I visit my “happy spot”.

My “happy spot” has nothing to do with sheep, other than to keep the sheep away from my “happy spot”. It is a small corner of my yard where I place plants, vegetables and some ornamentals. The area has nothing to do with sheep or farming or business. It is a place where I do not have to focus on business, but just be.

A relaxed mind is better able to find solutions and make decisions than a mind constantly thinking about what needs to be done and decisions that need to be made concerning business. Sheep farming for me is a business.

Every morning with my coffee, I visit my “happy spot”, and watch the activity of the beginning day. While the corner looks rather crowded, there are only three plants in the eight foot by eight foot area. A butternut squash, loaded with green fruit, a summer squash bush plant, and the pumpkin plant. Each morning the bees are fly around these three plants pollinating.

I had placed some artificial pink rose solar light plants to give color and add light at night for my evening visits. The hummingbirds started trying to get nectar from the artificial roses, so I placed a hummingbird feeder about the artificial roses.

Along with bees and hummingbirds, the area is visited by other small birds picking bugs from the plants, a red headed flicker, and mockingbirds. In the morning, the little corner is busy with activity.

There is laughter in this little corner, as we watch the red brussel sprouts grow. When I purchased the small plants, I thought they were red cabbage. I love the look of a red cabbage plant. After planting the last “red cabbage” plant, I seen a label identifying the plant as red brussel sprouts. I have enjoyed the variation of color and contrast the red brussel sprouts give to my “happy spot”.

This little area gives my mind something to think about other than sheep and business. Every morning, my mind starts in a fresh relaxed manner ready to tackle the business of sheep farming.

Do you have a spot to relax and refresh your mind? Do you have a “happy spot”, somewhere to go and just enjoy being there without thinking about doing? Is there a routine you have to relax and prepare your mind for the task of being a sheep farmer?


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