Waiting for Lambs

My ewes are due to start lambing anytime. The first date for lambs to start appearing was July 4. But since I do not use any hormones to cycle my ewes, the first cycle may come days after I put the ram in with them.

Sometimes waiting for lambs to be born is similar to watching a pot of water waiting for it to boil. The lambs will be born when they are ready to be born. The water will boil when the temperature is right.

I have my lamb care kit all ready. I have jugs ready. All that I can do , I have done. Just waiting for some lambs to arrive.

The ewes are starting to look ready as they are making udders, some have quite large udders.

I will have my oldest daughter and her children visiting for a few days. They will arrive in two days. The children were really looking forward to seeing and holding some lambs. I hope my ewes will provide a few. But, I can not force the ewes to lamb. There may be lesson for the young children to learn when they arrive, like sometimes lambs take their time to be born.


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