Busy March

There are times when my “plate overflows” with more than I can handle or at least handle at the time, so I think. The lambing, getting rams ready for a sheep show and sale as well as working a full time job away from the farm took scheduling of my time to get things done. Then my best ranch hand was injured. Somehow Hank injured his back and was unable to support himself on his back legs.

Now with having to care for Hank, the sheep and work full-time, I had to make some changes. I requested my hours be cut back to me working two days a week in the meat department. I enjoy the meat department work and challenges. I had spoken with the district supervisor about becoming a meat cutter or butcher. The supervisor was very willing to have me be trained. I let the district supervisor know in our discussion, it would be after the sheep show and sale on April 14 and 15. I really need to take sheep to the show and sale this year.

In caring for Hank, there were medications for him to take twice a day. I was helping him relieve himself the first two weeks after the incident. He started putting weight on one leg, but still drug the other. I would massage his back with my hands, which he loved. I purchased some pet vibrators to run along his spine and down his legs to stimulate the nerves and muscles. He enjoyed the attention.

After six weeks, Hank has use of both his hind legs. He does not have perfect balance on both hind legs. He is limited in what he can do working sheep. When he has to make a sudden switch of direction, the one hind leg will not support him and he falls. I still massage his back when I have time. But I do believe he is semi-retired as a working dog. There will be no more herding trials in his future.

Lambing went well. I am very pleased with this crop of lambs. There is a good percentage of full blood ram lambs in this group. I wish there were more full blood ewe lambs that I would be able to add to my flock.

Gardening is a struggle. I am not sure where I am going to plant a garden. I planted a lot of onions in the area of my garden last year. I do crop rotation in my garden area to keep the squash bugs and other insects that love to eat my plants and the vegetables they produce, down to a minimum. One thing for sure we will have onions this summer and fall.



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