The “Dog House”

Yesterday, I worked on the dog house for one of the Livestock Guardian dogs who is going to have puppies. Last night rain was supposed to arrive. Early this morning, before the sun is up, there are a few drops of water. Since I have to work today at my job, I made sure the doghouse was ready for my dog.

I rebuilt the sides of the doghouse as there were numerous holes created by various dogs. Before it was a dog house, this small structure was the shelter for sheep. The structure measures; 4 ft. X 4 ft. X 8 ft. long. When it was originally built by me, it only had three sides with a center post to help hold up the weight of the roof. The bottom was framed as well to allow the structure to be movable. We have moved it several times over the seven almost eight years since it was constructed. Although I constructed the structure almost eight years ago, it was built with used lumber. The used lumber came from a small storage shed that was on the property that we took down. The shed was in bad shape, no roof and housed skunks and snakes. I removed the shed as it was beyond repair. I kept some boards that were not too rotten to reuse.

The Deck I took down in 2021

Yesterday, I attached used boards from the deck I took down last fall to the sides, nailing the used boards over the boards that were already there. Actually over the boards that were barely there as there were many large holes caused by other dogs and simply wear from the elements. The roof is good and will keep the rain out. Now the sides are good and will keep the wind and rain out as well providing a dry place for my dog to have her puppies. I lined the dirt floor with pine shavings, giving her and the puppies a place to lay.

I save materials that I think I can reuse somewhere else. Some things are used as raised garden beds. Boards are used to help build shelters, feeders and sometimes gates for the sheep pens or the dogs. Reusing materials instead of throwing them away in a garbage dump helps me and the earth. I save money since I am not purchasing new materials. The earth benefits as I am using the materials until they are wore down by use and the elements, not filling a place in the ground. Plus, I am not buying new boards from trees that have been cut down.

My dad told me the way to gain wealth is to watch the pennies. “If you watch the pennies, the dollars take care of themselves.” I have never forgotten his words. If each person does their little bit to care for Mother Earth, then big steps will be made to take care of Mother Earth.



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