Brownfield Sheep Event

On March 3rd and 4th 2023 in Brownfield, Texas

I am going to attend this event this year. There are a couple of topics I am interested in.

One is the Dorper lamb certification on meat in the grocery stores. Consumers being able to know if the lamb meat they are purchasing comes from a Dorper or from wool sheep. Dorper lamb is very mild tasting with no lanolin taste in the meat. I have butchered lambs over 200 pounds that are as good tasting as a 60 pound lamb. The consumer being able to know what type of sheep the lamb meat is produced from will help the meat market for Dorper sheep. Some people like the strong lanolin taste of lamb, they will also be able to determine if that package of meat is what they are wanting before it is cooked.

The second topic is sheep grazing in solar fields. I am interested in being paid to have my sheep graze the solar fields that are being built in Texas. I want to learn what equipment I will need, what is expected and who to contact to start this adventure.

Regenerative agriculture I have already experienced some of the benefits of grazing sheep on pastures and how the pastures improve. My pasture has greatly improved from the time we purchased this place and when I started grazing sheep on the pasture. The big change came when I started grazing sheep and my sheep numbers started growing. I would like to learn more on how to improve the land. As a sheep farmer and a person, I believe it is our responsibility to care for the land.

This event will be a good time to catch up with fellow sheep farmers and to meet new sheep farmers. The world is changing and I need to know the changes to be able to keep doing what I love to do – be a sheep farmer.



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