Lambing Again.

My ewes are starting to put lambs on the ground again. This will be my last lambing for 2022. I divide my ewes into breeding groups in order to breed more ewes with two rams. Rotating my rams through small groups of ewes, 5 to 8 ewes, for two months breeding time allows me to breed all my ewes. I am able to produce three lambing in two years per ewe using this method. Since I breed and lamb in small groups, I have groups of lambs to sell through the year, not just once.

Jumbo, Registered Fullblood Dorper Ram

I am excited about this lambing as it is the first lamb crop from my ram, Jumbo. I purchased Jumbo in February 2022. I did not have ewes ready to breed to him until a few months after his purchase. Jumbo is being bred to my other rams ewe lambs that I have retain to add to the flock.

Max, registered Fullblood Dorper Ram.

This is will be my other ram, Max, second lamb crop to hit the ground. Max was purchased in October of 2021. His first lamb crop arrived spring of 2022. I am very pleased with the conformation and growth of Max’s spring 2022 lambs. One of the his ram lambs I am going to show in April of 2023. To date this ram lamb is the best lamb I have raised on my farm. I am very excited to show and sell this ram at the show. I call this show prospect, Big John.

Big John, born March 2022, age six months. Registered Fullblood Dorper Ram. Show ram for April 2023
Big John at birth.

The lambs give me a picture on how my breeding program is doing. The initial conformation and movement of the lambs let me know if my breeding decisions are producing the desired results. Lambing also tells me if the ewe lambs I kept as replacements have good mother traits of caring for their lambs and milk production both quality and quantity.

Breeding, deciding which ram to cross on which ewe is a test of knowledge and skills of selection. When the lambs hit the ground is your grade, determines if you failed, were average or success in reaching the goal of improving your flock. When the lambs reach ten months, the growth rate data is complete, the conformation is there and you have your final grade on breeding sheep.

So far with these two young breeding rams, I have done above average in selection of ram and ewes, to improve my flock.


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