In the United States we have a day in November that is set aside to celebrate and take time to be thankful for what we have and have received – Thanksgiving Day. The origins of this day are based in history of the indigenous people assisting those who arrived from England with food and shelter.

During the month of November I write down what I am thankful for, adding one item each day.

November 1- I am thankful for family.

I am especially thankful for my husband. I do not mention him much in my posts. And for the most part he does not do much of the everyday work on the farm. He does help me with the big things, things I can not physically do on my own. There are things that one person can not move, he is always there to assist.

He is my sounding board. I discuss every idea and decision with him. He will give his opinion and thoughts on ideas. Some of his methods of doing something are better than mine, and I use them. He listens to me ramble on about genetics and breeding of sheep. He goes with me to look at the sheep and listens for multiple times on how this sheep looks, or that sheep. He does not show he is bored, although there are times I know I bore him with the constant repeating of the same words and thoughts. Regardless, he is there to support and help me.

When I was gone for two months to assist my daughter and her family with the arrival of the triplets, my husband took over the daily chores of the farm – feeding, watering the livestock and my garden. He even picked the vegetables from the garden and prepared them for the freezer.

My husband gives me comfort and emotional support when things do not go well. When I lost one of my favorite ewes, Big Bertha, this year, he put his arm around me to comfort. He does not get attached to the animals, but he accepts the fact that I do. He lends his support when a lamb dies or an older ewe that I have become attached to.

He is also there when I celebrate. With the addition of two new rams our lambs are genetically the best we have produced. He shares the excitement of improving our sheep and the hopes of doing well at the sheep show next year.


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