I receive a periodic publication from the American Dorper Sheep Breeders Association. The publication keeps the members up to date on different events and happenings affecting the Dorper sheep breed and the sheep industry. There are always information on placing advertising in the publication along with advertising your farm in the back of the publication.

With the recent issue, I started considering advertising my farm. One of the questions I asked myself is “Is the cost productive to my farm?” or will I the advertising bring enough clients to increase my profits and pay for the advertising? The answer is yes, my farm would see an increase in inquiries and possible sales with the advertising.

Then I had another thought, “Do I have the sheep to sale to clients attracted to my farm from the advertising?” No, I do not have the number of registered sheep to sale. I actually do not have any registered sheep to sale with the exception of a few ram lambs as I am keeping all my registered ewe lambs.

When looking at advertising, a reputation for a farm is built by the quality and quantity the farm provides. I do get advertising from selling market lambs at the local sheep auction. When this sheep auction closed it doors in April of this year, I had people finding my number and calling for market lambs – that I did not have. I have a reputation of having high quality market lambs. The problem is my farm does not produce a large number of market lambs at this time.

With advertising I would draw people to my farm who were wanting to purchase registered sheep. I need to be able to produce the quantity of sheep to sale. Saying to interested buyers, “I do not have sheep to sale.” gets around. People talk to people, they ask if anyone has purchased or had dealings with different farms looking for a reputable breeder to purchase from. I would build a negative view of my farm by advertising and then not having sheep to sale.

It is good to let potential buyers know your have a sheep farm and the products you have for sale. A good way of doing this is by advertising. There are different venues for advertising from social medias to printed and digital publications.

Some farms use videos and social media to advertise their farm. I personally do not like to be photographed, I am uncomfortable with videos of myself. But there are some sheep farmers who enjoy being in their videos, sharing their farm life and sheep with others. I do share my sheep on social platforms with other sheep farmers.

Another way to show your sheep is through sheep shows and fairs. Letting others see the quality of sheep you raise. The few sheep shows I attend I enjoy. I enjoy seeing others genetics and talking with fellow sheep farmers. I gain knowledge and have an enjoyable time away from the farm.

At this time, it would not be a good decision to advertise my farm. When I have the product to sale, I will be advertising.


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