Lamb Cuteness

I have had a rough week, and I have only reached Wednesday. To help me during this time of emotional rollercoaster, I like to watch lambs jump, hop and race back and forth. Unfortunately I have not managed the task yet of creating my own videos. A project I will learn how to do. So, today I share someone else’s lambs jumping for joy and just being lambs.

Life has thrown me many curve balls. I have had so many curve balls, I should be able to hit one out of the park. But this week, I think I only made it to first base. The farm helps me to regain my emotional equilibrium from the curve balls of life.

I watch the lambs play. Sometimes I sit to have a face to face with my bottle baby sheep, PeeWee. PeeWee does get bored easily though. I also share my thoughts with my horses. Or sometimes it is just sitting in the paddock listening to the sheep eat and be sheep.

There are times we all need a place to go. Have you considered your sheep. Not as a place to work, but a place to collect yourself and just be.

I know my week will get better. The emotions will calm down and I will once again move forward. I hope others are having a good week.


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