Half Way Done

Half way through spring lambing. My half of the yearling ewes have lambed. The other half look as though some of the lambs are going to fall out. I know this lambing will be over soon.

So far all ewes that have lambed singles. That is not a bad thing. I like the first time yearling ewes to have singles. Allows the ewe to learn to be a good mom.

The young ewe concentrates on one lamb, learning to keep track of the lamb. Twins can create confusion in a first time ewe, sometimes leading to rejection of one of the lambs. Since I like a hands off approach to raising sheep, I like for my young ewes to have singles and learn the mothering of one lamb, so later when she has twins, she is a pro.

Others may disagree and that is ok. I do not want everyone to agree with me. Each sheep farmer needs to find and use a method that works best for them. Each sheep farm is unique in the goals and challenges of raising sheep. So what I do or method I like to use may not work for someone else. That is not a problem.

I learn from other sheep farmers and others learn from me. I will try other methods and ways of doing things that I have seen from other sheep farmers. If it works great, I have another tool in my cabinet of knowledge to use in raising sheep. If a method does not work for me, that does not mean the method or idea is wrong. It only means that idea or method does not work for my sheep farm.

I believe it is important to keep an open mind and learn new things in the sheep farming business. We are not trying to “reinvent the wheel” as they say, only make the “wheel” go better and smoother on our ground.

Hope your sheep farm is doing well.


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