Spring is Arriving

Photo by Hiu1ebfu Hou00e0ng on Pexels.com

Today, we let the young expecting ewes out to graze. The grass and legumes are growing, pastures are starting to turn green. I love spring when trees and pastures start putting forth their green color.

The air is warmer, more humid. The birds are returning to our area. The animals on the place have started shedding their winter hair. After petting on them, I am covered with old winter hair.

The sheep feel the change in seasons as well. They jump and spring into the air as they travel to the pasture. Jumping for the joy of being alive.

Today, since my husband was home, was count the sheep day. As lambs grow into sheep, the counts change. We do a sheep count and was planning on how to divide the sheep into breeding groups.

We have two new rams for this year. We can put any ewe with either ram. We organize ewes into breeding groups for each ram, that way we can put the lambs we keep into the other rams breeding groups. By organizing the ewes, we are able to keep our rams for a year or two longer. The rams are one of our bigger expenditures in raising sheep so we try to keep the ram as long as possible.

I do not line breed or inbreed my sheep. While raising horses, I seen two genetic diseases affect specific bloodlines due to line breeding and inbreeding practices.

This spring things look good. My husband was skeptical about the sheep farming adventure when I started. Now he is excited as we count the sheep and see the progress of the past few years.

I wish you the best in your adventure raising sheep. Hope you have a beautiful spring.


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