They are Getting Ready

My group of first time ewes are getting ready to lamb. I scheduled the breeding so they would lamb in March. My ram was good at his job of breeding as all the ewes are pregnant.

My barn is cleaned out and ready. The lambing kit is on stand by. The one item I have added is the camera. I want to share my lambs with others through pictures.

I love watching new born animals. Watching them learn to stand, nurse and walk. The funniest skill they learn within minutes after entering our world is to lay down. The other skills they seem to learn quickly and proficiently, but laying down is more like plopping down or falling in a spot, than a smooth planed motion.

Hopefully, this lambing time I can capture the moments to share with others not only on the blog, but with my grandchildren. My grandchildren live in towns and cities. They do not have the opportunity to share these moments with me. Raising livestock has been a major event in my life, and I do not have my grandchildren to share it with.

They live far away, some two days of constant driving to reach each other. I want them to have the opportunity to miracle of an animal being born and the first lessons. My children were able to witness the birth of animals when they were young. Now to pass those experiences on to the next generation. Maybe one of them will find the joy of raising livestock and want to do so in their future.


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