Rain, Sleet, Snow

Icicles on the gate

Yesterday at noon the storm arrived with rain. A slow steady drizzle continued through the day and into the night. About 11 pm the rain turned to sleet coating everything with ice.

Ice on the tree and bush next to the house.

Sometime in the early morning hours the sleet turned to snow as the temperatures continued to drop.

This morning we awoke to a frozen winter wonderland. Fine powder snow covered the ground.

Pasture covered with snow, trees covered in ice.

I watch the weather daily. The day before the storm was to arrive, I prepared for the sudden icy cold conditions. Extra bedding, extra feed and water troughs full.

Checking the sheep this morning, all were doing well.

Sheep can handle cold temperatures. My Dorpers are hair sheep, they do not make wool fleece and do not need shearing. Dorpers do fine in cold temperatures and snow. The stress with the winter storm is the large fluctuation in temperatures and the rain. Two days ago we had 60 degree F temperatures. Today the temperature was 21 degree F.

We have one more day of cold temperatures with snow, then the sun will come out. The snow will disappear and I will wear single layer of clothing to do chores.

Stay warm.


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