Weather Curve Balls

I watch the weather. Sometimes the weather determines what jobs I will be doing that day.

Today, the weather was great, warm and sunny. T-shirt weather I call it. But I spent all day prepping for the freezing rain and snowfall coming in tonight. Yeah, we went from T-shirts to Winter thermal garments in 12 hours.

This week I was scheduled to wean lambs. Weaning lambs causes stress. Freezing rain and snow causes stress. I do not want to stress my lambs too much. Too much stress leads to lower immune system and sickness and weight loss. I am postponing the weaning of my lambs for a week. One major stress at a time for the sheep.

Today, I put in extra bedding for warmth. I made sure every water trough was full, in case the electricity goes out like last year. No electricity means no water, the well pump needs electricity. I also made sure I had enough hay and feed in the barn. Our tractor is old like we are, and does not like to work in the cold.

Keeping a watch on the weather, gives sheep farmers the time to prepare for cold or wet or any type of stressful weather for the sheep.

“A stitch in time saves nine.”


I provided extra bedding to help the sheep with the cold. Made sure they have plenty of feed and water. All done to prevent my sheep from being sick. The little bit of extra time today, will prevent me from having to do more work and have vet expenses.

Now for some hot chocolate and a book.


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