A little about myself

Welcome to Granny’s Homestead. My name is Annett, I am a wife, mother, grandmother (called Granny by the grandchildren), and a Sheep Farmer. My husband and I live on 12 acres in north central Texas. We were born and raised in Colorado, but his job moved us to Texas, and Texas is where we call home.

I enjoy being a sheep farmer. Before I was a sheep farmer I trained various breeds of horses and raised Appaloosa horses. When my children were at home they participated in 4-H and we had several different 4-H projects including rabbits and swine. My only prior experience with sheep was the one year my daughter had two 4-H market lambs.

Today, I raise Dorper hair sheep for seed stock and commercial market lambs. Along with the sheep I have an occasional litter of Border Collie dogs. I train our Border Collies to herd sheep and for some sheep trials. The Border Collie dogs are very helpful with working the sheep. I also have a few horses left over from the period of time I raised and showed horses. We also have chickens and ducks. Our latest addition is three Boer goat kids.

I have been raising sheep since 2016. I enjoy the sheep and have some funny and some sad stories of my experience from beginner sheep farmer to a better sheep farmer. I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with you.


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