February Beginnings

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

My day starts early with a cup of coffee at 5:00 AM. Since I am usually at work at 7:00 AM, and I have to feed the sheep before I leave for work, I have to get up early. Each day I am up and going before the sun clears the horizon.

This morning, as I was drinking my cup of coffee, I looked out the window. The moon was shining full and bright. The skies were clear meaning the storm is passing. A cold front bringing a lot of frozen rain and ice has been in our area for three days. I do not like the cold or being cold. Seeing the full moon was a relief, the days will begin to be warmer, or at least above freezing.

I track the cycles of the moon especially if I have sheep who are ready to give birth. The moon cycles affect the time the sheep will lamb. I should not be surprised there was a full moon last night, as I had a lamb born yesterday evening. Seeing a full moon this morning before it sat was a welcome sight.

As I watched the moon sat, it changed from bright white to brilliant orange before settling beyond the horizon. I tried taking a picture, but the image was grainy and blurry. I need to work on photography skills to capture the beauty of the moon. I am sure it is the settings for the photo I have to adjust. And perhaps to hold a steady hand until the shutter closes. Regardless, I am unable to share the beauty of the moon this morning.

With the setting of the moon, it is time to grab a flashlight and do chores. Then off to my outside job to work.



    1. Moon cycles affect the birth of all mammals, and humans. The female cycle is the same number of days as the moon cycle, There are thirteen moon cycles in one year. The moon cycle also affects planting of seeds in a garden or fields. The gravitation pull is the factor that affects seeds and births.

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