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Today’s daily prompt on Bloganuary 2023 is: Who is your favorite author and why?

I enjoy reading as reading leads to learning. Learning helps me to be a better sheep farmer. While I do not always read non-fiction books, one series of books has been an influence in my life. While in middle school I read James Herriot, ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. The experiences of a country vet. My desire was to become a veternarian, so reading about the experiences of a country veterinarian would give me insight to my chosen career.

The stories were quite humorous. Some of the characters and the special treatment of their pets seemed outlandish and unreal so I thought. Right after I graduated from high school, I went to work for a veterinarian as an assistant. Then the stories were not outlandish or unreal, but very true.

Any person wanting to become a sheep farmer, or cattle rancher or perhaps looking at having a career as a veterinarian, reading James Herriot’s books are a necessity.

I recently learned that James Herriot’s books were published under different titles depending on location of publishing. In the UK, the first two books ‘If Only They Could Talk’ and ‘It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet’ were combined into one book in the USA, ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. And so it was with the others, the USA combined two of the UK published books into one book. With the advancement of the internet, regardless of where you live, you are able to order the UK or USA published books.

I think I might revisit these old friends and share a laugh as a sheep farmer and veterinarian can only know.



  1. I have not read James Herriot but I’ve watched a television series and a film based on his writings. I have many favorite authors, it depends on the genre. My favorite Leonberger book author is Caroline Bliss-Isberg, my favorite science fiction author is Arthur C. Clark followed by Isaac Asimov, my favorite popular science author is Stephen Hawking, my favorite historical fiction author is Jacqui Murray.

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    1. I really do not have a favorite author, but different books have touched my life during different times. I have seen the tv series, All Creatures Great and Small. It is good and my husband and I enjoy watching. But like all movies from books, the books are more detailed. Good authors in your list.

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