Last Sheep Auction of the Year 2022

Today was the last sheep and goat auction for the year 2022. I attend the auction, not to buy or sale sheep, but to socialize. There are people who have helped me learn how to raise sheep and more important how to make money raising sheep. My friends at the sheep auction are sheep and goat farmers like myself or they are buyers who bid on my market lambs. Socializing is part friendship and part marketing. On auction day, we catch up with how each of us are doing, and how our business is going. Today was the last opportunity to see my friends this year, and to wish them a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Today, I brought my new “dog” Spot to the auction. I brought Spot into the auction sitting area on a leash. Spot has learned to be led by a leash and dog harness. Eyes are drawn to a person with a baby goat on a leash. It gave me the opportunity to meet a few new people, possible sheep buyers of my breeding stock. Children get bored at the auction, they have a hard time listening to the auctioneer. A baby goat on a leash, the children come with parents near to ask if they can pet my goat. Several children sat quietly next to me and my goat, giving my baby goat plenty of attention. Spot loves to sit on my lap and be petted. Currently, Spot thinks he belongs on my lap, something that is going to have to change soon.

It has been two weeks since I purchased a little baby goat who needed to learn to eat from a bottle. Those who were present when I purchased Spot, were surprised with how fast Spot has grown. Spot has grown. I had to make the dog harness larger this morning to fit him. My friends chuckle as I walk around with my baby goat on a leash. My friends at the sheep auction know I feed and care for my sheep and goats very well. They have seen me trim a ram’s feet with nothing on the ram, and me going around picking up each foot to trim. Because I care for and handle my sheep, the breeding sheep that I do bring to the auction bring top dollar.

Today, my reputation of bringing well cared for and good quality sheep to the auction was beneficial in getting top dollar. I had three ewes I was selling at today’s auction. I was in need of some money for Christmas, so I took three ewes I planned on selling to the auction today. These were not cull ewes, just ewes that had traits I did not want to have in my breeding program. They were or would be good producing ewes for market lambs. With the current price of hay this winter, and wanting some extra money for Christmas gifts, I decided to sell instead of continuing to feed these three ewes. The sell prices of my ewes was $50.00 to $100.00 above what ewes of the same condition were bring at this sale today.

Today was a good day of catching up with friends, sharing my “dog” Spot and selling some sheep.


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