A Place in the World

As a sheep farmer, most people do not realize the important role a farmer plays in the scheme of the area, country and world. Not many people talk about farmers regardless of what product they produce. Being a farmer is a very important occupation – we provide food for others. People have to eat. Even vegetarians and vegans get their food from a farmer.

World events and treaty agreements affect our livelihood stronger than tech giants or even commerce. The supply of smart chips is an example. Smart chips for cell phones, computers and automobiles along with other tech are in short supply because of trade sanctions and Covid 19 labor force changes. Yet, people can continue to live without the latest cell phone or newest computer. But people can not live without food.

During the first year of Covid, grocery stores in my area did not have full shelves of food. The summer people were selling vegetables from their backyard gardens. The second year of Covid I saw an increase in farmer markets, and people selling beef and lamb from the farm to the individual. I had calls from people I did not know asking if I had any lambs ready for slaughter. I did sell individuals lambs they could have slaughtered. I do not slaughter for others. Another increase in our area was individual processors, businesses started to process an animal for individuals or those selling the processed meat of a whole or half of an animal to others.

In the United States we just finished the mid-term elections. I watch and track those who win their elected office. Not that I am very political, but so I can make some decisions on how my future will be affected by those who make the policies.

Trade agreements or sanctions affect the food chain of the people. As a sheep farmer I am a vital link in the food chain production.


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