Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog

Photo by James Lee on Pexels.com

I am home for a few weeks. Since the August 29, I have been at my daughter’s assisting her family with the waiting and arrival of triplets. I had the pleasure of taking care of my granddaughter while mom was in the hospital. When the babies came home, I continued with assisting in the care of my granddaughter and the care of my new grandchildren. There is a lot of work and very little sleep in the care of newborn triplets.

I would make a day trip home occasionally to get sheep ready for a sale and to pay bills. I would also do my laundry and cook meals for my husband. My husband was great about the sacrifices or extra work he that came his way while I was gone.

Now that I am home for a few weeks, it is time to catch up on the work of the home and the farm. The farm does not stop just because I am gone. There is the schedule of care for the sheep that must be done along with preparations for winter.

I did miss the farm. I missed the smells of the sheep, horses and dogs. The sounds and noises of the animals at different times of the day. I really missed the “quietness” of the farm. The farm has it own set of noises, but towns have so much more noise that go all day and all night. Cars driving on the roads, sirens, dogs barking at who knows what, just busy sounds all the time. The farm does offer the quietness at sunrise and the stillness of night. When it is quiet at night – all is good.

Now that I am home, it is time to trim the feet on the sheep and deworm those who need to be dewormed. Check ewes for lambing as they are due the end of October through December. I want to get some individual pens and shelters built for the rams before winter arrives.

There is also the spring/summer garden to clean up and plant the fall garden. The squash is done producing, time to plant the beets, radishes and turnips.

Living in a town or city is not for me. I missed the farm way to much.

The farm moves through the season regardless of where I am at. I am glad to be home. I am glad to be working with my animals and doing what I love to do.


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