Equipment For The Sheep Farmer

Daily chores the past two days has been work, before the work. I have been receiving some much needed rain the last two days. When doing chores in the rain and mud, I have to put on my equipment – mud boots, raincoat, and wide brim hat. As I was doing the work of getting ready to go outside, the thought occurred to me that there are thousands of posts, websites and books on the equipment the sheep farmer needs to get to care for the sheep, what about the sheep farmer? What does a sheep farmer need for themselves?

First item, a good pocket knife. Pocket knife is good to open feed bags, mineral bags, trim a broken toe on a sheep, and cut twine off the hay. A few times I have used my pocket knife for medical aide to the sheep, when I could not find the scalpel.

Second, a raincoat or waterproof slicker. Regardless where you live, there will be rain and some places snow. The sheep have to be cared for daily, and the sheep farmer needs some protection from the downward moisture.

Third, equally as important is boots to work in the mud and water. Sheep need care regardless of the weather and a good pair of working boots is a help on the sheep farmer’s feet.

I like using a wide brim hat. In the summer it shades my face, ears and neck. When it rains, keeps the raindrops off my face. When it is snowing keeps the snow out of my eyes and face. A hat with a string or something to tie it on during windy days is best.

Lastly, the sheep farmer needs a sense of humor. I plan out my day everyday, yet my day never goes as planned. I get most things done, but there is always that one ewe that has to go the wrong direction, or a sheep decides it is a good time to be sick. Sometimes it is the hay barn door was left open and all the sheep are inside, hiding as they munch hay instead of grass. Things happen and not getting too upset along with a pinch of humor, helps a sheep farmer attitude at the end of the day.

I love being a sheep farmer. I am glad I have discovered this occupation. There are more good, funny days than bad days.

Take care of yourself, so you can care for the sheep.


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