A Sheep Holiday

Photo by Avion Eizenga on Pexels.com

I recently was looking at the national holidays for August, and thought is there a national sheep holiday. Well, there are two that I have found.

New Zealand has National Lamb Day, the celebration of the first shipment of lamb meat to London. National Lamb Day is celebrated in May. And thus started New Zealand exporting of lamb meat.

National Hug a Sheep Day, in the United States, became an official holiday in 2015. The beginning started with thecrazysheeplady of Equinox Farm lost her first sheep, whom she rescued as a bottle lamb from a stockyard. Hug a Sheep Day is the last Saturday of October. The first one was held on the sheep, Punkin’s, birthday the year he went over the rainbow bridge. There is a facebook page and website that are dedicated to Hug A Sheep Day and tell the story of Punkin with some really nice photography.

Some some curious facts found.


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