Indian Summer

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Indian Summer the short period of time marking the change in seasons from summer to fall. The signs of Indian Summer have appeared with dew on the grass in the mornings. The temperatures at night are getting low enough for the moisture in the air to condensate on the grass and everything else.

Getting feeder lambs to gain weight in the severe heat of summer is difficult. The sheep do not want to eat, they are looking for shade and cooler temperatures during the day. The feeder lambs grow, but have a hard time putting on fat. Energy is spent panting to lower their body temperatures.

With the cooler night temperatures, the feeder lambs will eat more at night. They will spend less energy panting to cool their body temperatures at night. Gradually the days will not be as hot, and they can use all their energy to growing and building fat.

Even the ewes and rams need to be able to build fat reserves that will help them stay warm and to have the energy needed to produce lambs during the winter months.

The sheep and myself are ready for some cooler temperatures.


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