Happy S’mores Day

Photo by Jens Mahnke on Pexels.com

S’mores, a campfire treat in the United States is unofficially celebrated on August 10. Roasted marshmallows on top of chocolate, sandwiched between graham crackers, a delightful treat for most people.

Farmers need to take a day off just like everyone else. Sure we have to feed the animals and check on them daily. But there should be time to unwind, breathe and relax without a thought of an animal or job that needs to be done.

A simple campfire with a few friends, and some s’mores are a pleasant way of relaxing and unwinding, or even celebrating when a harvest is done or shearing completed.

Too often I have found I get in the rut of always working and not taking time to relax and unwind. This causes more tension, less productivity and clouds the thinking to find solutions or make decisions.

In order to take care of the farm, the farmer must first take care of the farmer.

Take some time, have a s’more around a fire with friends.

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