Dealing with Loss

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The past few months have been emotional. My husband’s sister was diagnosed with cancer. He was able to make two trips to visit her. The day before Easter, she went to be with the Lord. Another trip was planned for my husband to attend her memorial and placement of her ashes on May 8th, Mother’s Day in the USA.

I stayed home attending to the animals. We have yet to find someone responsible to care for the sheep. I do not have a hired hand that works daily. I have to find someone to do the chores on an occasion I and my husband have to be out of town. She understood why I did not travel.

We each deal with grief in our own way. We each have loss of family and friends. As I get older, it seems to become more regular the loss of a friend or family member.

During the past two and half months, I have not been blogging consistently. I have been dealing with the emotions of losing a family member. It is hard to write or blog when the emotions are going in different directions, like goats scattering in every direction.

Being a sheep farmer, I can not pause or stop caring for the sheep. There are the daily chores that keep me moving forward. I still have to stay on schedule with the breeding and weaning of lambs in order to have income. The work can not stop, because I do not feel like doing anything.

As a sheep farmer, we see the cycle of life constantly. Yet, death is never easy to take.


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