The Beginning of My Year

Sheep grazing on my pasture

I love spring. Spring is when the world comes alive after sleeping all winter. In Texas we do not get totally bleak winters where all the plants go dormant and look dead. There is still a very visible difference between winter and spring.

Spring is when the pastures turn green, trees bloom and leaves appear. The animals shed the winter hair and appear brighter. Everything looks brighter, more colorful, cleaner and new. Song birds have returned to the trees in the yard, greeting me with their melodies each morning. Bees and insects are buzzing around. All is renewed. The world has resurrected from the winter to be bright and alive.

This is Easter weekend. As I have done as a child, as a mother with a family and continue now, I spring clean the house for a week. In addition to the usual daily cleaning, I scrub walls and clean windows. The windows are opened to let in the spring fragrances and let the musty winter smells go out on the breeze. Out with the old, in with the new.

My flowers are planted outside along with the vegetables I will grow this year. I have picked up and cleaned up. Ready for an Easter celebration.

I dream each year of my children with their families coming to celebrate Easter with us. Hiding eggs for the grandchildren to find. Yet, this dream has not happened. The distance between our homes prevents weekend visits. So why go through all the work if there is only the two of us to celebrate this year?

Cleaning and planting are part of the celebration for me. These activities mark the time of the year, the beginning of my year with everything being new.

Easter, resurrection and spring are worth celebration.

Photo by Boris Manev on

I will color eggs, as I enjoy coloring the hard boiled eggs. The eggs will become part of the meal as deviled eggs and in the potato salad. I plan a special meal as I have done for years. Celebrate we will.

A friend of mine, whose children lived a great distance from them and did not come home for Christmas, decided to stop celebrating Christmas. She did not decorate, prepare, cook a meal. They did nothing different from a regular day. Christmas became a depressing time of year for her.

Time brings change to all of us. Children grow up, build their own lives. Our method or ways of celebrating occasions and holidays will change, but does not need to stop. The celebration of holidays and occasions should not be put in a box like your child’s forgotten toy or favorite blanket. Discover new methods or ways of celebrating, and remember the past celebrations.

Although my children and grandchildren will not be at my home, there will be phone calls where I will talk to my children and grandchildren on “speaker phone”. Videos and pictures will be sent showing the egg hunts and other activities. We may not be physically together to celebrate, but we do celebrate together in our hearts and through vocal and visual sharing.

I hope your celebrations are joyous occasions.


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