Delivery of Sheep

Tomorrow I will deliver a small starter flock to a friend of mine. What information do I give to someone buying sheep from me?

First, I get the money. I do not unload or give paperwork until the money is received.

The paperwork includes a bill of sale, the date of vaccination and last date of dewormer and what type of dewormer. If they are purchasing registered sheep, I give them the registration papers showing the buyer I have signed the registration papers over to them. The step of showing the my signature on the registration papers is more for me than the buyer. I need to double check that I have signed the registration papers conveying ownership to the new owner.

The bill of sale states my name and address on the top. Then I state I am selling the number and sex of the sheep I am selling, plus the registration numbers of any registered sheep for said amount of money to the new owner. The date of sale and delivery are on the bill of sale as well. I sign the bill of sale. The bill of sale has a place for the buyer to sign. I make two copies of the bill of sale, we both sign each copy, and each have one copy for our records.

The separate piece of paper contains the date of vaccination and what vaccine I used. I also include the date of last deworming and the name of the dewormer used.

A sheep farmer likes to know when the sheep they are purchasing was vaccinated and dewormed. A breeder or seller should be able to share this information with the person buying the sheep. Giving the buyer the dates of deworming and vaccination assures the buyer the sheep were properly cared for.

Since my friend is new to buying sheep, I will show him where the registration numbers are on the papers and on the sheep. Informing new buyers helps to gain confidence in the purchase of the sheep.

I want those who purchase sheep to me, to return to purchase more sheep from me. My being up front I feel I gain the confidence and respect as a breeder the buyer is comfortable to return to purchase a new ram or more ewes for their flock.

I do not sell older ewes or ewes with problems to individuals coming to me for breeding stock. The older ewes and ewes with problems go to the sheep auction, where the condition of the sale is “buyer beware”.

The sheep I sell for breeding stock I would use in my own flock. I am selling my friend some young ewes and a ram, that is not related. These ewes I would keep in my flock, but I do need cash flow to keep operations going.


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