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In the beginning I knew very little about sheep. Today, I know some about sheep, with a lot more I need to learn.

I am currently re-reading “Dorpers in the New Century” by Rolf Lategan. Although this book talks about the Dorper breed and what the breed standards are, there are sections on ram care, ewe care, lamb care, and breeding that would be helpful to anyone starting to raise sheep that knows a little. I am re-reading to better learn the parts of a sheep people are talking about.

In my schooling about sheep I would talk with people who by observation I concluded knew about sheep. I was not afraid to ask questions, and they were kind to give me answers and explanations. To those individuals I am thankful.

I also went to the internet. A person has to be careful of information on the internet. I read an article on deworming, went to try and buy the dewormer only to learn it was illegal in my country. Also, some of the information was false. With careful selection, there is information that is helpful on the internet.

I raise meat sheep. I talked with two commercial meat processors, who purchase my lambs, on what they want for a butcher lamb, weight and conformation. They were most helpful especially with the conformation and condition of top price market lambs.

If you are raising wool or fiber sheep, learn what the people are looking for when they purchase the wool. I know nothing about wool and how it is prepared for weaving. But having been around weavers, they are picky on the length, size of shaft, and strength of the wool.

Breed associations are good resources for finding information. They usually have a book or place on their website for breed standards. Breed associations have a directory of those raising that breed of sheep. Most breeders are glad to help a beginning sheep farmer.

Along with breed associations contact colleges or universities and agriculture authorities for seminars and field studies. There are usually fees associated with these events, but I have found them to be worth the price.

Books. There are a lot of books on the market you can buy or borrow from electronic libraries or libraries. I have purchased books containing building drawings for feeders and shelters.

Education helps a person be a better sheep farmer and produce better sheep. There are constant changes and to keep abreast as person has to keep learning.


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