Patience and Frustration

Frustration was in my day for about three hours. I need to some home maintenance, actually finish a home maintenance project, and I could not find the tool I needed. My husband was the last person to use the tool for a totally different project and I could not find it. Then I just knew where he left this tool.

My husband’s work truck needed to go to a repair shop. But before it can go, he had to transfer his tools and parts, and a tool box to another truck. We took the work truck to the repair shop the other day.

So, I can not find the tool. I call my husband he does not remember where he put it. I spend three hours looking for tool. Then my mind shifts to it was left in the work truck that is now at the repair shop. I will not be able to finish this projects for days… oh my.

Emotions are with us continually. I believe frustration and patience are enemies, life long foes. When frustration is around, patience is very hard to find. Working with animals and especially sheep requires a lot of patience.

You want your patience to grow, work with sheep. Sheep are said to be the dumbest animals on the planet. Actually sheep think very different. Remember, sheep are on the bottom of the food chain, every thing is going to eat them, including us. Sheep are a fearful animal and sometimes they can be paralyzed by the fear.

Times people get frustrated with sheep is anytime they have to move sheep. The shadow across the pathway might get a them a sheep thinks, and sheep are deathly afraid of the dark places. Moving sheep through a work alley and chutes for vaccinations, deworming or trimming feet can be exhausting trying to push them in the direction they are to go. The sheep thinks no way, I can not get out of here, so I will not go in. I place my sheep on an elevated stand to shear them for showing or because they need it as doing it on the stand is much easier on my back. The sheep will get so afraid it lays down with the head pulled upward. All these times are frustrating.

Hank moving sheep.

Anger and frustration are buddies, they like and help each other. It is easy to get angry at the sheep when you are frustrated with the sheep. When you are angry you might hurt the sheep by forcing the sheep to do what you want. A hurt sheep, is a loss in income.

When I get frustrated with sheep or anything I am working on, I take a short break. I walk away, a long was away to keep myself from still working, and take ten deep breathes. Then I come back to the sheep. Usually by giving myself and the sheep a breather, we both settle down and the chore gets done.

Handling frustration with anything or anyone can be handled this way. Do not be afraid or too proud to take a break.

I needed to stop looking for the tool and just do something else instead of letting frustration have fun with my emotions. There are numerous other jobs that need to be done on the place.


P.S. You think sheep are frustrating…move goats…lol.


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