What Makes Me Laugh?

I started Bloganuary 2022 with word press. The writing prompt for Janraury 7 is What makes me laugh?

My sheep make me laugh. Sheep can be a frustrating animal, yet they can be funny. The actions of a sheep is at times without reason or function.

I feed my sheep daily. Currently I have mama ewes with lambs. When I put the feed in the bunk for the sheep, the ewes run over pushing their way to the grain eating large mouthfuls. The lambs join the ewes at the bunk for eating, then one lamb will lift its head from the feed, jerk into the air sideways and take off in a run as fast as its little feet will caring to some point and stop, then run just as fast back to the bunk and stop. Soon, one or two other lambs will join in the run and jump to that spot, and race back. In a matter of seconds every lamb is jerking sideways, kicking up hind feet and running like a monster is chasing them to that same spot to stop, turn and run back towards the ewes. The ewes never look up from the feed to see what their babies are doing. I have yet to learn of the purpose of these maneuvers, but they are fun to watch. At what age do these maneuvers stop, I have young replacement ewes over a year old that join the lambs or sometimes start the racing from one spot to another. Only the mama ewes are the ones who no longer see a need to participate in the silly, jerking, jumping, hopping racing the lambs and young sheep do.

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